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Vue Crossword Puzzle Maker/Builder

I'm writing a crossword puzzle maker and solver. Front written with Vue and in the CodeSandbox online editor. Back-end is the API based on the Laravel and the Streams Platform.

Wish it to be multi-language and growing up features such as ML generation and intuitive UI.

Now API has 196K of Russian words and 475K clues for them.

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Crossword puzzle builder VueJS application.

Vue Crossword

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A Vue.js based crossword puzzle builder and filler front-end application.



DEMO Russian Words Database

Features and ToDo

  • Supports 2-31 symbols words lengths.
  • Supports any grid size.
  • Random symmetric grid generator.
  • Automatic calculation of required to fill letter cells and clues numeration.
  • Words suggestions from API depending on length and filled letters.
  • Clues suggestions for filled words from API.
  • Add different types of symmetry to grid generation.
  • Add analyzer and smart corrector for generated grids (to control words length).
  • Automatic generation of full filled crossword.
  • Make a print version.
  • User login (OAuth2).
  • Save built crosswords.
  • Add and save new words and clues.
  • Search within suggested words by added letters.
  • Search in clues of suggested words.
  • Add taxonomy for clues.
  • Improve the logic of API queries.
  • Fix mobile version.


  1. Find a grid with only white and black squares.
  2. Press Fill words.
  3. Press Auto fill.

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