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Top reasons to love Ruby on Rails

If you’re still thinking about starting to learn Ruby on Rails, here are some facts that may convince you.
The top-5 countries where developers are highly skilled in Ruby on Rails are the United States, India, Japan, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Why do specialists prefer this framework?

  • Perfect timesaver. It makes coding quick and easy, facilitates repetitive tasks, and lets developers remain focused on methodology and logic. "Gems" allow adding ready-made features, saving tons of effort. When you hire developers for Ruby on Rails, the development duration of the project reduces up to 25-50 percent.
  • Easy to learn and use. The Ruby language syntax makes it easily comprehensible for beginners.There is also a large community of professional senior and middle developers you can hire to develop your project.
  • High-quality code. For bug testing, you can use a built-in tool. There are plenty of ways in Ruby on Rails to keep the code short, tidy, and readable.
  • Excellent task performance. Ruby on Rails is an object-oriented, interpreted high-level language that has dynamic typing. All development processes are rendered smoother by these features, and developers need only a few lines of code to complete every task.
  • Effective use of databases. If a developer is familiar with Ruby on Rails, they need only one command to build and operate databases.
  • Secure development. Default protective tools are included in the framework. Your Ruby on Rails project is secure from cyber threats, viruses, and other risks.
  • Cost-efficiency. Ruby on Rails is an open source MIT License framework, that means you can use it for free.

What are the most popular libraries that Ruby on Rails developers should know?
RubyGems is a package manager that gives access to large libraries and other resources called "gems." Numerous add-ons, functions, and other elements can be added by Ruby on Rails developers from extensive and constantly increasing sources.
For example:

Administrate – for building and customizing admin panels; became successful because of its ease for users without a technical background.
Money-Rails – for E-commerce solutions; enables creating monetary values, additional entry fields, and money classes.
MetaTags – for SEO management, as the name suggests.
Draper – for object-oriented programming; helps monitor and improve each object’s behavior.
Dotenv – for safe loading environment variables to protect private data.
ElasticSearch – to implement searches, to index catalogs and prices, to store purchases, and to gather statistics.
Sidekiq – for storing, monitoring, and managing background jobs.
Fog – for uploading and storing files via cloud services.
Unicorn – for deploying.
Active Merchant – for integrating payments.

The original article will also tell you about the competences that senior Ruby on Rails developers should have. Read it now and share your opinion in comments.

Do you like this framework? What other advantages have you found? We appreciate your opinion and experience.

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Fenix • Edited

Ruby is ellegant and readable source code. Moving from Drupal / Laravel PHP to Ruby ... ( Jekyll / Middleman / Rails ... ) here.

Rails 6 is a robust and tested framework to build upon.

Depending on the project, naturally.