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Top 5 Node.js frameworks

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime that manages JavaScript code outside the browser.
It has many frameworks to work with so today we're going to consider 5 best Node.js frameworks.
First of all, we use the following yardsticks to compare them:

  • Scalability
  • Ecosystem
  • Functionality

Express.js is the most popular one. With this framework it's easier to reuse code to process data, store user sessions, and handle payloads and manage cookie files or Node.js requires you to rewrite many processes from scratch.

Meteor.js is a MVC framework that helps create real-time Web applications. Using the same code on both the server and client sides is one of the most valuable features of the platform. It transfers from server to the client not HTML code, but data. Meteor reactive programming model allows you to build applications with less JavaScript.

Koa.js provides building web applications and APIs. Generators is the main advantage of this framework. They help avoid callbacks and fix bugs.

Nest.js is not just a backend framework, but it leads you to the world of advanced concepts such as DDD, Event sourcing, and microservice architecture. Here is everything in a lightweight and simple form and you may choose between using the entire platform or just use its components.

Hapi.js is considered to be a security focused Node.JS framework. Code quality and verification are prioritized over extensive functionality.

Though Node.js frameworks are not necessary for the back-end in terms of functionality, they make a big difference in development, product performance, and code quality.

It was a short summary of our article about 5 best frameworks for Node.js.
Read it to the end to know more about advantages of these frameworks and choose what is suitable for you.
Don't hesitate to write in comments what your favorite framework is. We appreciate your opinion.

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A couple of my favourites:

Sails.js for MVC
Moleculer for microservices