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7 essentials features for an e-learning app

Digital education is a vast and fascinating world with lots of monetization opportunities – Forbes predicted its growth in 2018, and the development has been skyrocketing ever since.
If you're a developer and build an e-learning app, the list of features that an e-learning app should have may be very useful for you to identify the amount of work.
So here it is:

User-Friendly Interface

Nobody likes wasting their time on the app to figure out how to do things and where is what. Set up an intuitive user interface to search through courses, start on assignments, and watch their progress with a few clicks.

Multimedia Content

The best E-learning application supports various types of information, making students stay impressed, entertained, engaged – and thereby better educated.


Game elements are perfect if you want to develop an E-learning website or application. Gaming systems add some fun in the process, ease the stress, and speed up learning. They also give rewards to students, which is essential to increase motivation.

Push Notifications

They are an instant, convenient, and non-intrusive way of communication. Users get information on new courses or their progress; questions answered or DMs received; reminders to continue training, etc.


Users won’t feel lonely and bored of your E-learning app if they resolve issues, share opinions, compete with each other, and contact their tutors. You can achieve it by setting up course discussions, dashboards, and direct messaging.

Offline Learning

Inspired learners won’t be interrupted by problems with their internet connection if they can do some activities offline – for example, make drafts or read through material they previously downloaded. This way, using your app becomes a daily habit.

Syncing between mobile/desktop and online/offline versions

You have to ensure that learners won’t have their progress disappear. One particular version should direct them exactly where they finished on the other. This way, users stay interested and wish to go on.

To learn advanced features and what is functionality for students, teachers, and admins you can read the original article to the end. Thanks! Don't hesitate to write comments.

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Victoria Mostova

Mary, great article on the essential features for an e-learning app! You provide a comprehensive overview of the must-have functionalities, such as personalized learning paths, gamification, and social learning. As e-learning continues to grow in popularity, it's crucial to understand how to make e-learning app engaging and effective for learners, and this article offers valuable insights.

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Alina Dunec

Hi! You're right! I can add that E-learning software is a unique digital product developed to enable people to gain knowledge through mobile applications.
There is more to e-learning software than just general education. Because of e-learning software in the age of technology, learning is still possible for everyone. And there are many benefits to learning and education from using e-learning software.

  • Individualized learning plan.
  • One place for all learning materials
  • Increased efficiency of learning
  • Smarter budget allocation

For more information on e-learning software, read this article

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Brenda Brown

eLearning is the future of education and LMS is the best technology to do this. GetTeachr is the best eLearning software to build your LMS website for online learning, teaching, and training.