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Discussion on: PHP isn't dead! Don't be afraid to use it and implement it in your projects...

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A lot of the like/dislike for the language comes from not just language itself, but so much with tooling, frameworks, documentation and best practices around it.

When I started learning PHP ~10 years ago, I used Notepad++ with FTP plugin to edit WP sites on the shared hosting etc. around it. A hot list of no go practices for these days.

The use of PHP declined for me over the time, it felt like a tool for big teams where they can spend time to maintain stuff, but I mostly do glue code like data transformations, serveless scripts that live their own little lives, static websites etc.

But ~6x months ago finally decided to bite the bullet and pick up Laravel... through proper means of learning resources and VSCode and Intelliphense and testing and Laracasts etc. etc.

In short, it never have felt better to learn something new and build with it that I know will be up and running for years of even decades to come. The Laravel experience is what have renewed my trust in PHP.