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Discussion on: What keyboard do you use?

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As a casual gamer, a year ago I got Logitech G Pro which is a TKL mechanical keyboard (MK)... it's nice, so nice for programming, Lightroom, web, emailing, command line, any kind of shortcuts... Even my GF (she's not geeky at all) admits that there is something into mechanical keyboard input feel.

Have you ever pressed down keys really hard and longer than normal because Ctrl+C didn't work as expected and you didn't knew it was your fat fingers or bug in software/OS? MK's work very consistently and accurately on any key while giving mechanical feedback. So your brain gets used to it and it gives this freeing typing feeling, like the fresh mountain air at 1-3km altitude.

But ever so often when dealing with the number inputs (Excel / bitrate / bandwidth / TFA / calculator etc.) I really miss full numpad even though use moue a lot and close proximity is nice feel as well. So, that's a tradeoff.