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clojure, no doubt.


I'd add Lua to Clojure.

Clojure for softwares, Lua for scripts.

One of the languages I didn't find a lot was Obj-C, but thankfully, our workplace already uses it, which is cool.


Definitely Haskell, maybe Go.


They are both very different.


That's true, but I think both are interesting and I'd like the opportunity to use them professionally!


I would love to work with Python, get back into React again and then do a bit of functional programming with something like Elm.


Rust and Elixir!

Tho now it looks like we are gonna drop some of the horrible legacy projects written in php 5.3, since they don't scale or manage concurrency at all and build from scratch with elixir. yay


Haskell or any lisp dialect.


Anything but C++. "Fortran you say? I'm in!"


Definitely ReasonML and Rust.


Go, Rust or Kotlin - all three are pretty modern and relevant right now that I'd love to dive in and play around


Network automation enthu, so i would love to work with python- netmiko lib