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I point to our cloud provider "RDS" SQL solutions - they managed the day to day backups.

However, because I cannot get rid of the paranoid itch in me (what if AWS & GCP goes down?)

I do a full dump onto a dedicated company server in a local data center about every month or so (in Singapore, where I am at). That is independent of the previous months dumps.

Just in case.


If you don't have legal locality-requirements, you could always do your backups to a replicated S3 bucket. That way, even if an entire region goes down, you'd still have recoverability. Then again, (and, again, if you don't have legal locality-requirements) you could probably also set up a job to directly replicate your RDSes from one region to another.


Yup - and it's quite awesome it can be automated with a few clicks (in the right places)

Btw: While this may sound quite dumb.

Where I am at. It is common to have disaster recovery plans which outline backups must not be the same company. You know just in case the entire account gets deleted, with data purged and all.

Because our critical data is not "that" huge - dumping it works well for me to comply with it (with encryption and all of course)

Thin foil hat, so that our auditors and investors can feel safe knowing that our data is safe in the event of WW3, zombie apocalypse, etc. We have a recovery plan for that!.

Nevermind the fact, that we do not have such a plan in place for food, water, zombies or people 😅

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