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My goto is

  • Java for server dev work.
  • Bash scripts for sysadmin/devops work.

It's probably because I been burnt a fair bit of enterprise workspace. It may not always be the best tool for the best job. But it always can get it done.

It also saved me many times over - unable to get approval to install Redis / Memcache without admin?. I will toss over and execute a less performant, but working jar file instead.

Similar stories on bash scripts written to execute certain actions in the background.

And that familiarity, reliability, and speed of which I can work on them, make them my goto.

It also makes them one of my most hated languages of all times. Along with every quirk and design decision in the language, I wish was removed and never made.

So I guess all is fair from there.

  • Also: having somewhat left the enterprise dev space, JS is now slowly climbing as my goto language for various small "microservices" and opensource projects.
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