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👋🏻I like JavaScript, React, Gatsby, NodeJS, and AWS. Personal interests include: specialty coffee, music, travel, and soccer.

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Add an Emoji Favicon to your site!

You're so welcome!

useState or const: what's the difference?

Second would throw an error if reassigned and the first cou...

Add Netlify Identity Authentication to any React App in 5 minutes with React Context, Hooks and Suspense

Any thoughts on the password reset portion? I've just reali...

.map(), .filter(), and .reduce()

Hey! I’ve seen this but haven’t had time to think of anothe...

.map(), .filter(), and .reduce()

Very cool! Thanks for sharing this example.

.map(), .filter(), and .reduce()

That’s ok! It took me a long time to get it. Reduce is usef...

.map(), .filter(), and .reduce()

Interesting, I’d love to learn more, could you expound with...

Using Tailwind with Gatsby JS

Was just thinking about this today! Book marking for later!

.map(), .filter(), and .reduce()

Thanks Yogeswaran!

Do you have your next vacation planned?

Headed to the beach with friends in September!

What's your biggest challenge deciding what to learn next?

I applied for a junior dev job recently and when I followed...

Finding a Job

That’s so awesome! Glad it all worked out.

Finding a Job

Interesting, I’m really intrigued by remote, but sure I’ll ...

Finding a Job

That’s amazing! I bet you have a pretty unique story there....

Finding a Job

That’s amazing! Did it work out well?

What are you reading right now?

Company of One!

What was your win this week?

Launched my first solo site! (CoffeeCodex)[] ...

How To Create Serverless API Functions With AWS Lambda

Great job explaining!

2019 Goals — April Update

Nice. Welcome to I should post my progress updates ...

Native Lazy Loading for <img> and <iframe> is Coming to the Web

Very cool!

Add an Emoji Favicon to your site!

Thanks! I didn’t know about that site, I’ll check it out.

Sharing code examples with Carbon

I’ve been wondering this myself!

Roman Numeral Converter

Nice that’s such a cool way of thinking about it!

Roman Numeral Converter

Whew man, I don’t know Java at all, so this looks really co...

Wireframing Discussion!

Using Adobe XD seems to be pretty easy to use!

Wireframing Discussion!


Wireframing Discussion!


A Philosophy of Software Design, Part 0: Introduction

Love it Sam! Can't wait to read the other parts.

Ditching Sublime for VSCode

I’v Really enjoyed VSCode but I will say I’m struggling on ...