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re: Add an Emoji Favicon to your site!
You're so welcome!
re: useState or const: what's the difference?
Second would throw an error if reassigned and the first cou...
re: Add Netlify Identity Authentication to any React App in 5 minutes with React Context, Hooks and Suspense
Any thoughts on the password reset portion? I've just reali...
re: .map(), .filter(), and .reduce()
Hey! I’ve seen this but haven’t had time to think of anothe...
re: .map(), .filter(), and .reduce()
Very cool! Thanks for sharing this example.
re: .map(), .filter(), and .reduce()
That’s ok! It took me a long time to get it. Reduce is usef...
re: .map(), .filter(), and .reduce()
Interesting, I’d love to learn more, could you expound with...
re: Using Tailwind with Gatsby JS
Was just thinking about this today! Book marking for later!
re: .map(), .filter(), and .reduce()
Thanks Yogeswaran!
re: Do you have your next vacation planned?
Headed to the beach with friends in September!
re: What's your biggest challenge deciding what to learn next?
I applied for a junior dev job recently and when I followed...
re: Finding a Job
That’s so awesome! Glad it all worked out.
re: Finding a Job
Interesting, I’m really intrigued by remote, but sure I’ll ...
re: Finding a Job
That’s amazing! I bet you have a pretty unique story there....
re: Finding a Job
That’s amazing! Did it work out well?
re: What are you reading right now?
Company of One!
re: What was your win this week?
Launched my first solo site! (CoffeeCodex)[] ...
re: How To Create Serverless API Functions With AWS Lambda
Great job explaining!
re: 2019 Goals — April Update
Nice. Welcome to I should post my progress updates ...
re: Native Lazy Loading for <img> and <iframe> is Coming to the Web
Very cool!
re: Add an Emoji Favicon to your site!
Thanks! I didn’t know about that site, I’ll check it out.
re: Sharing code examples with Carbon
I’ve been wondering this myself!
re: Roman Numeral Converter
Nice that’s such a cool way of thinking about it!
re: Roman Numeral Converter
Whew man, I don’t know Java at all, so this looks really co...
re: Wireframing Discussion!
Using Adobe XD seems to be pretty easy to use!
re: Wireframing Discussion!
re: Wireframing Discussion!
re: A Philosophy of Software Design, Part 0: Introduction
Love it Sam! Can't wait to read the other parts.
re: Ditching Sublime for VSCode
I’v Really enjoyed VSCode but I will say I’m struggling on ...