Your thoughts on a SaaS development kit

piccarsso profile image Karin Pichler ・1 min read

we are currently working on a SaaS development kit. The goal is to speed up starting new SaaS projects by providing a solid foundation. During 13 years of developing SaaS projects we recognized that there are so many patterns which most SaaS projects have in common (user management, testing, deployment, payment, etc.). Because of this we decided to build Carrot Seed (https://www.cnc.io/en/seed).

We keep the technologies updated and provide this updates to our users, so that they can save time on the update process.

My question: what are your general thoughts? Would you use it? Why not? What are your concerns?

PS: we got hunted on product hunt - if you like the concept I'd appreciate an upvote or comment (Carrot Seed SaaS Kit) :-) -> https://www.producthunt.com/posts/carrot-seed-saas-kit


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Nico S___

It's a great idea. But I wonder if the price tag is a bit high?
If I were to try to create a small SaaS business, like a startup, I would never be able to afford it.
Say I have an Idea Im validating, and want to get some basic services built, a started kit like this would be great. But it would have to be financially accessible.
On the other hand, if Im an stablished business trying to kickstart a new product/business unit, then I could afford it and use it. But in this scenario I wonder if I would even need this kind of starter kits?

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Karin Pichler Author

Thanks for your thoughts on that point. We discussed about the price a lot.

We don't want to make it too cheap, because it is a lot of work to keep everything up to date and further development. But we decided then to make a startup discount with 50% off. This should hep them to get it started.

We already had some meetings with big companies. A lot of them are using no-code or low-code solutions at the moment. The biggest problem they are facing with that approach is, that when things get more complex they have to throw the no-code prototype away, because it can't handle the comlexity. The feedback was, that when they would use a SaaS Kit like Carrot Seed it would be easier for them to scale up.

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Nico S___

That makes total sense, bigger companies have the $ and the incentives to use products like yours
Go where the money is :)