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Justin Mancinelli
Justin Mancinelli

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Swift UIs on Android, Kotlin Logic on iOS

As you can tell from my history of posts, I'm really into researching multiplatform solutions. The company I work for, Touchlab, is biased towards Kotlin Multiplatform for a variety of reason, and one of the things my research does is to keep our bias grounded in reality.

I've been mostly researching the technical side of the different solutions. But last week, I put out my first twitter poll to research the human side.

The poll got 18 votes, which, given my paltry following, and historical engagement rates, was better than I expected.

18, though, isn't a big enough number to really come to a conclusion. But I'm definitely happy to see that 77% of people are at least interested in the idea of a cross-pollination of native multiplatform solutions.

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Another issue is polls are anonymous.

Hence, why I'm bringing the discussion here, and requesting replies. What do you think?

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