Discussion on: Describe the worst coding culture you've been a part of

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I worked for a company that used and still uses a samba share for all developers to work on the same files all the time.

Of course there was no functioning version-control, no tests at all (but a lot of complains).

Developers have to awnser customer emails and phone calls.

„Scrum“ was cancelled by the CTO because the CEO never had read anything about it. He just had heard from his neighbor (!) that „agile“ development made projects „faster“ and thought that it is a tool to get programmer up to speed.

Every good student left the company after the Bachelor or Master degree, because they were offered no jobs. Developers should be cheap. Like the hardware we used. But when we moved to a new office the furniture had to be nice. Not functional.

Developers where sitting in an overcrowded room, where distraction was a permanent issue.

I started to get to the office before everyone else, and left late in the evening to compensate, that nothing was achieved from 9 to 5. I had a bonus contract and goals to reach.

After I‘ve read Peopleware Productive teams and projects and saw that every anti-pattern mentioned in the book was applied, I quit.

The day I left I cried, because I knew i would miss the co-workers. But at least I learned all the anti-patterns first hand and don‘t have to have them in my current job. Productivity, salary and happiness raised a lot from my last job.