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re: Server Side Rendering vs Static Site Generation VIEW POST


In my experience, the major reasons for looking towards SSG rather than any form of active server (SSR, Wordpress, Wiki's, etc.) are: security, static content has nothing to attack outside the base web server, which is typically a very well tested off-the-shelf option; cost saving, typically one can host static files in S3 or Azure storage for 10% of the cost of a hosting a VM.

Personally I'm moving from Wordpress and MoinMoin to static sites with Hugo for these reasons.


I totally agree with you.
After a period converting Wordpress sites to Gatsby with Wordpress REST and Admin, we decided to build our "React Bricks" CMS (based on React Components) to avoid Wordpress altogether.
We'll release it in beta soon; we have already used it for 3 sites and we love the new way of working with Gatsby/Next SSG and our CMS.

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