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Good point about the increasing dependency of modern apps on 3rd party services to make them work, and the likelihood of these services surviving. Do not despair however! If someone (or a team) really wants a technology to be preserved, they will go to surprising lengths to make it so: witness the number of retro (or not so retro) computer emulators that are created so old games can be played, or the frankly insane suggestion that the entire Windows API could be emulated so many, many older desktop apps work (hello wine!)...

Similar ecosystems /could/ be established for apps that need to be preserved for posterity, emulation of, Azure FaaS, whatever it takes, is possible (and likely much easier as they are documented now!)

Take heart, and save the docs :)


It´s true that if something worts preservation it will be preserved by people who cares.

I don´t know what new initiatives could be taking place in the future about this digital blackhole thing. But I hope that they succeed :).

Thank you for replying :)

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