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Interested to know how you have dealt with/would deal with large timezone differences, given your specific meeting schedules here (in UTC)?

My organisation is now across 40 offices right round the globe, and we struggle with keeping communication going once the shift hits 4+ hours - time shifting technology (store/forward messaging) and occasional aeroplane trips help a bit, but are not ideal. Our current thoughts are to try and localise more autonomous teams (AWS style 2 pizza teams), which is much the same as breaking up the business into smaller P&L units, within a parent incubator / governance structure.. it's hard to stay moving in a common direction whatever we do though!


Hello Phil,

Good question! Actually our team is all located in Europe for now, with less than 1-hour difference between everyone.

That said, in my previous venture I had a large team spread across multiple locations in the US, Europe and India, managing timezone was a nightmare. We did exactly what you mention, we basically applied the Spotify model with timezone co-located teams.

This is where chapter-leader are critical as well as organizing off-sites.

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