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I'm usually pretty cynical about the new KoolAid that shows up :) Lately I've been most impressed with those using empirical evidence collected from a decent number of sources, in particular the State of DevOps Report series from Nicole Forsgren et al, leading to the Accelerate book.

There are good counter arguments, believable statistical analysis and clear advice, to measure first and cut second.

At work we've been through some new toys (Kubernetes ecosystem for one) that didn't return on their early promise, what matters is that we /knew/ they weren't doing what we expected, and were able to /change tack/ and find a way that worked for us. NB: not throwing shade on K8S, just that it didn't work for our scenario, and the thought leaders (Kelsey Hightower for K8S) were pretty open about what can and does go wrong, which is reflected in aggregator reports like Thoughtworks TechRadar.

My BS detector comes on when such people are unable to answer reasonable questions at conferences on the downsides of their snake oil :)

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