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Discussion on: Five things I knew about security, before I knew anything about security

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Phil Ashby

Super job - it's all very much common sense if you can approach information security from a human perspective, I'll bung in another couple I use and a war story (non-technical!)

Layered security: you keep important documents in a locked filing cabinet, inside your locked house (possibly in a private apartment block). This makes breaking multiple locks slower and riskier for the attacker - if it's not worth their time/risk they'll pick an easier target.

Separation of responsibilities: you have the key to a private mail box, however the post office staff must open the building for you to use it. An attacker now needs to coerce two parties, not one, again increasing the time and risk involved for them.

War story: while a student, my car was stolen twice in a year and joyridden round the town. I fitted a flashing red led, it was never touched again - deterrents work to keep the bear moving along.

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Hayley Denbraver 👩‍💻🥑 Author

I like all of these!