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re: I interned at a company along with a few other interns. I was eager to apply myself to any and all programming tasks. So much so I asked my fellow ...

It seemed like people focused more on doing work than doing their job.

Yep - and for good reason, we largely occupy a society where having paid work is a critical feature, leading to all manner of so-called bullshit jobs. With the advent of automation, either your own examples here or much larger shifts in automation across society, it's unlikely we can continue to rely on having 'enough interesting work for everyone', thus you find interns re-typing data that was already digitised just so they have something to be paid for, or more and more people applying for fewer 'useful' jobs in society and increasing inequality as the money runs out.

There are ways out of this madness: within an organisation, it's typically realising that the humans can learn/adapt to doing more valuable things, leaving the machines to do the grunt work more efficiently - we got the hang of printing presses after a few hundred years; for society, I will point at this splendid talk given by Scott Santens back in 2017:

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