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All MS-DOS .EXE programs start with a magic prefix 'MZ' or 'ZM' (very rare!), because they are the initials of the developer, Mark Zbikowski

Win/386 (and Win95 and OS/2) .VXD files use the Linear Executable (LE) format, which contains 3 different executable text sections: one for 32-bit protected mode, one for 16-bit protected mode and one for 16-bit real virtual mode, you get to manage the shared state yourself... Don't write one!

SMARTDRV.EXE (nobody remembers this right?) is/was a polyglot executable that could be loaded as an MS-DOS device (usually .SYS), or a Win/386 driver (usually .VXD) OR executed on the command line to manage itself. It thus contains 5 different executable text sections.

For the ultimate in insane polyglot'ness, check out POC||GTFO publications ( where Ange Albertini ( officially does voodoo.

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