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It's an interesting position, forcing people to think about performance in the target environment all the time, but for me this seems a rather simplistic approach, as often the target environment varies according to cost, especially for SaaS solutions. Video games, military systems, satellites, tend to have increasing constraints where it becomes important to design for performance earlier, and where professional development would use appropriate simulation and test environments. Even in our predominantly SaaS deployments, we try to create representative test environments to understand behaviour and pick up opportunities to reduce our costs or improve user experience.


but for me this seems a rather simplistic approach

And it is. But it works for me.

Notice, that I am using only tools that performs fast enough to not slow my working process.

For example my typical builds on approximately 500Kloc of code is something like 3..4 seconds.

My IDE runs instantly and my keyboard repeat rate is set to 50 characters per second (and 250ms initial delay) in order to allow faster navigation in the source.

The same is about the version control system and any other tool I am using. The only not-so-good performing are the graphics editors Inkscape and Gimp are slow as hell. But well, I am looking for something better and will find it some day.

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