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A certain large organisation in Seattle may have something to do with your pain:

Personally I prefer to prefix my symbols with their intended scope, not their type, as type-checking is a tooling/language task, not mine, whereas poor structure is definitely my problem :)

Oddly 'Hungarian' notation (as above) includes one scope-prefix 'm_' for member variables of a complex type, but nothing else, the rest is all type indication. Strange.


Yeah, certainly that organisation has a lot to do with a lot of things. :) But someone has to decide to use that particular style in that project. And nobody really can tell me why. I've heard a very nice therm for that: Cargo Cult Programming.

As for scope prefixes, I'm big fan of Uncle Bob's clean code, and usually, I try to write classes and methods so small, you don't need any prefixes to visually separate things. :)

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