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re: I usually break is apart like this HTTP requests are for when I need this info right now. If a user makes a request we want to fulfill it right no...

We started down this path, then found that consumers of asynchronous contracts were not happy with the coupling to specific queue technologies, so our services now wrap any queue and present a single API technology (HTTP). We are also looking at webhooks for returning responses rather than direct queue access, to retain the single low coupling technology approach, although all our async services are fire-and-forget ATM. YMMV :)


Yeah it's nice to be able to still access things via HTTP even if it just enqueues something. But I at the architectural level that's how I think of it. Hooks are great too, since you can use queues behind the scenes for those as well.

We might have something that puts an event to call a hook in a queue. Then the hook service reads that and makes a post request to the consumer.

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