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Fabulous readable reference, thanks Andrew!

Minor niggle - almost all of these are not bash commands, but command line tools that work the same from any shell - it would be nice to know what are bash built-ins that might go pop in another shell, and what aren't :)

Long-running advanced voodoo:

  • disown (bash built-in): disconnects background processes from your terminal such that they stay running after you log off.
  • screen (cli tool): opens a new terminal (tty/pty), such that anything you run in that terminal stays running when you disconnect from it / log off. You can also reconnect (screen -r) when you log back in.

I prefer screen over using disown, because of the reconnection ability.


Thanks, Phil! I'll have to do some more research.

Watch out for the "unabridged" version of this in the future.


Yes, I was missing those on the SSH section, @andrew really awesome post


I'd like to add tmux to this list of helpful tools. Does similar thing as screen.

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