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I'm officially a Luddite and still use GNU/make for most of my little experiments, and even some quite big ones. It does the thing a build tool is supposed to do - reduce cycle time by taking the minimum number of actions required to bring the outputs up to date - and it does it well.

I've used a few opinionated, language-focussed tools like Maven, Ant, Cargo, etc. Finding that they are effective for their little world, but painful outside - this may be a conscious decision of the creators to lock you in... I'm not a fan of learning Yet Another Build DSL (YABDSL?) like pom.xml syntax either.

I'm not so sure about meta-build tools (CMake, SCONS, Autotools, etc.), they frequently seem to be to abstract / genericised and frankly weird to bother learning, certainly they are a nightmare to debug!


Thanks for sharing.
I have used make mostly for Golang projects.
But Go already ships with a full fledged build tool, so it is fair to say that for Golang builds, make it is just a tiny wrapper.
I haven't used it for anything else because language specific build tools (like the ones you mentioned) also ship with dependency management systems, which is super convenient.

I understand you used make for Java. What did you use as dependency manager? Apache Ivy?
Can I ask you to share a project in which you did that? :)


I understand you used make for Java. What did you use as a dependency manager?

I have used make with Java:

but no dependency manager there, all three deps simply get a mention in the Makefile. That was a number of years ago, these days I would probably use Git submodules (I probably still should for that project!)

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