re: Shuffle Fail: Fixing my car stereo with code! VIEW POST


Nice workaround :)

Did you consider re-ordering the directory entries, rather than bulk copying many GB to the USB? Assuming it's FAT, then it's well documented.. should still be easier than reversing the car radio!


Nope, I didn't consider doing that though it would be a lot more efficient! My method does take a several minutes to run currently where really I am only wanting to shuffle my music and sync any new music to it.

I haven't tried to play with a file system at a lower level like that before though now that you've brought it up, the thought does intrigue me and maybe I'll do a followup post if I do it. :)


Actually it occurs to me that plain old renaming should do the trick - move (aka rename) to a temporary folder, then move back in desired order - this re-writes the directory, no special knowledge required :)

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