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re: How I hate the term «Ethical Hacker» ! VIEW POST

re: So I prefer the terms "IT security expert", "pentester", ... Same. You can't really control what the mainstream does with technical terms and tit...

Yep - it's enshrined in the Certified Ethical Hacker qualification, which was a bit naff in practice (I did V7 of this back in '09 I think) - my colleagues & I spent most of the week long course messing with the instructor's router, which was frankly rather more fun!


Thanks for the feedback, I had planned to pass the certification and I see we're having fun there 😆

However, I don't know what "naff" means do you have a synonym? 😅

You are welcome :)

naff - I used this to mean 'not very good', Urban dictionary has many other suggestions. I think I just expressed how British I am!

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