re: npm package discovered to have bitcoin-stealing backdoor VIEW POST

re: There has to be something to be said about an ecosystem that allows/entrusts/lets a single human being be in charge of 700 packages. It's too much

Possibly, what strikes me is that there seems to be a culture of taking and not giving back going on - otherwise the original maintainer would have some /help/ looking after what are obviously popular packages? Or is this a symptom of a rapidly evolving package landscape, where /nobody/ has enough help because they are all spread so thinly re-writing similar things? In this case it may be that the evolutionary pressures (like malware infestation!) whittle the noise down and leave us with fewer, better maintained things.

Full-disclosure: I've tried to use NPM once (not by choice), it b0rked with missing packages and I walked away (thanks 'dotnet new react' template).

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