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re: Thank you for your comments! Pre-emptive multi-tasking systems require the programmer to deal with shared state very carefully, This is a good ...

Good point on delegating thread synchronisation / communication to an existing trusted system (like a DB), although that still leaves room for pain (eventual consistency anyone?).

The MCU design was for a tiny 8-bit Freescale device on a satellite, so one core, little RAM (6k) and bare metal coding in C, with a couple of lines of ASM to issue the WAIT instruction. Also zero opportunity for code fixes once launched - we did 2 years of testing!

That's really cool! If you have a chance to write it up as an article at some point, I for one would love to read it!

I really should do that - although ITAR prevented us publishing the source code when we did the work ( it might be ok now.. the joys of regulation!

Having done a few talks for radio hams I'll probably write that up as an article for the satellite team website ( and syndicate it here :)

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