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My first PR was to the omniauth project because it wasn’t working for Instagram and I needed it for the project I was working on.

Foursquare strategy wasn't working #91

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philnash commented on Nov 11, 2010


I've made one tiny update to the Foursquare strategy in oa-oauth. Without requiring the two files at the top, like in the Twitter strategy, trying to complete the OAuth dance with Foursquare in a Sinatra app was failing for me.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do.



The PR wasn’t merged sadly, but the issue did get fixed. I felt pretty good about being able to find and fix an issue that would not only help me but others too. I think that’s some of the beauty of more casual open source work, everyone can have an impact and it doesn’t take working full time on open source to make a difference, just fixing or building a feature that you need and that will help others too.

(Oh wow, that was 9 years ago! I’m getting old!)

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