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re: Looks like the only difference between our approaches is I do care about my team knows the language they use on daily basis and you do not. This ...

Good chat everyone, I think this came to a nice conclusion. I think I agree mostly with Ariel and that is one of the reasons I found this project interesting. Not having to keep a bunch of methods in your head is much more fun and productive than memorising standard libraries.

Also, the experimental nature of the library itself definitely means that it wouldn't be entering the production group of gems in any codebase I am working on. As a tool that you could include in your .irbrc or .pryrc and use when debugging/playing in the terminal, it could be useful.

I believe you do confuse cause with effect.

I am not advocating the necessity to memorize anything. I am saying that if someone needs [1,2,3].what_returns? 1 that’s the clear sign the skills in this language are on the very basic level.

As a contrived example, I do not need to memorize my home address, I always can google for it (well, check my address book in my phone,) but guess what?—I do remember it.

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