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re: Svelte is the most beautiful web framework I've ever seen VIEW POST

re: Been toying with it the past few days, it's brilliantly put together and it really feels like the natural evolutionary step from React/Vue/Angular....

To complement the other question about Tailwind:

What are you using to integrate GraphQL, how well does it integrate (I guess Apollo-Client?)?


I haven't tested GraphQL on Svelte yet, but yes, I would use Apollo. There is a 'svelte-apollo' package on npm that seems to be quite functional, the README has a few examples, including a Sapper/SSR one.

Having previously used Apollo in a NextJS project, I know how tricky it can be to integrate Apollo with an SSR framework and I don't really expect any different with Svelte. Hopefully I can find the time to play around with it soon! ;)

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