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CATALYST: A digital people performance management tool for MSMEs.

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Dear Leaders,

Good People Consulting (a BCC member) is proud to launch CATALYST- a successful technology intervention tailor-made to enhance MSME business performance. CATALYST has been designed by our partnering company PHI EDGE- A People technology company.
CATALYST provides an integrated solution (strategic guidance + Technology in cloud platform) to improve business performance and accountability across levels in your organization.
The key benefits (end outcome) to you (business leader) is as follows:

•Expert Analysis: We right size, set relevant goals, improve business performance through strategic advice thus reducing costs and improved productivity.
•Relevant goals: We dovetail goals across levels and thus ensuring that all department and individual goals are aligned to company goals.

•Data authenticity: Data is captured from centralized MIS and validated at 2 levels (Phi and Client). So no human intervention

•Bird’s eye visibility: Visually exciting dashboards and reports real-time. No need to make monthly PPTs for reviews.

•Continuous Improvement: All feedback comments captured, stored, visible during all reviews.

•Accountability: Targets and achievements are 100% quantifiable for all individuals/ departments/ Company.

•Do what you do best: Employees need not enter their targets and achievements. We enter this along with your admins enter this data.

•Independence: We train you to manage the system independently. You won't need us after 3 months. But we can do it for you as long as you wish.

We are enclosing a pdf presentation, a brochure, and a video link to introduce CATALYST better, post which we will reach out to you to request a suitable time for a live demo of CATALYST.

Catalyst Video Link (YouTube)-
Alternatively, you can call us at 9923043450 or drop a mail to.
Do visit our partnering associate’s website: for more information on CATALYST.

Warm regards

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