Introduction of Myself Part 1

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My name is Kelvin Pere. And i live in Nigeria. I am currently an Android Developer who is interested in so many things.

The Journey as not been easy and its still a long way to go. I started learning how to build mobile android apps with the help of Udacity. The platform as been great. During the first section of the course. I learnt what an IDE means and also how you build layouts to the screen.

Then went further in learning Java Programming language, which is a strongly typed language. I wanted more challenge so i saw a post of an Android Developer Intern at a Startup close to where i live. I didn't know anything like i was a beginner but i still decided to apply.

On getting there, i realized i was the only Android Developer there. So the CEO liked me and offered me the opportunity to be taught by a Senior Developer. And it was a game changer for me.....

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