Discussion on: Have you ever worked with an engineer who never leveled up?

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Matthieu Cneude

While reading this and the comments, I was asking myself this question:

How do we judge objectively the skills of a developer?

It's not that easy. I saw many talented people judged very hardly by others because they were less extrovert, for example, or because people around them loved to control everything. Worst, some people who think differently can be rejected, even if, I believe, it's a major quality to increase the collective intelligence of a team. That's why diversity is so important.

Now, I saw developers who didn't really care of what they were doing, too. They were introducing a lot of complexity in their codebase, often for nothing. They weren't really motivated to learn anything either. It was just a job, and putting some efforts in it was too... demanding.

For CRUD applications, I think that's fine. Somebody is not good in general (or I need to meet him!), but in a specific context. Everybody has quality which can be developed in strong skills, and you need to find them. Then, you need to decide if this potential will help your company, or if you want to invest time to grow it.

In short, if there is a problem with somebody, one should speak about it with this somebody. Good communication to find the root of the problem is always my tool of choice.