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Discussion on: Rejected by Facebook

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Matthieu Cneude • Edited

One of my last interview:

HR: "You've a great profile but... no. But I would be super happy to provide feedback!"
Me: "Sad. But I love feedback!"

One week later

HR: "Well it's not easy to give feedback by email. But here's an affiliate link where you can subscribe to this fantastic job platform."

Another one:

HR: "We can't take you but I can give you feedback!"
Me: "Sad. But I love feedback!"

Several days later

HR: "I have FEEDBACK! Click on the link!"
Me: "But it redirects me to a website where I need to sign in and there is no sign up..."

HR became a GHOST

I could write a book. Hiring is so broken in startups FAANG tech. In dozen+ of interviews, I managed to have exactly 0 feedback.

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