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Discussion on: Which programming language would you start with and why?

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Matthieu Cneude • Edited

I would say Golang.

  1. It's pretty simple because it's opinionated. See below.
  2. It has a C-like syntax, it's easier to learn another language based on C afterward.
  3. It's quite trendy and there is a big community out there.
  4. It's fast.
  5. The tooling is awesome. Learning a programming language is not enough; knowing how to use the tools can be a pain.
  6. It's opinionated, which means that you have often only one way to do something. I think it's great for beginners.
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Bobby Iliev Author

I've been wanting to try out Golang for a while now! And now I've bought a Udemy course after reading your comment :D

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