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Nathan Pham
Nathan Pham

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Building an open-source command line user interface


A Command Line User Interface (CLUI) is basically a CLI and a GUI that got mashed together in an incredibly intuitive way. You may have seen it on Replit, which created a practical and scalable CLUI that integrates with their website and online code editor. I thought it would be fantastic exercise to try and recreate a similar effect myself, so here we are!


Replit's CLUI (you need an account)

Even though the code quality is absolute garbage (I completely abused emotion's css library), this project is available on Github.


Entering a command
Completing a command

Next Steps

Here's a few more features I'm planning to improve the CLUI:

  • you should be able to type parameters in
  • more commands and utilities
  • refactor (will probably never happen)

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Amjad Masad

Veery cool

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Hello Amjad! This is an awkward request, so I understand if you don’t feel like doing it. My name is Grey41 (I think you know me from replit right?). I just started an unofficial replit internet radio station, but there’s nothing currently on it yet! I’m asking replit users to make a script for a segment that will be read by ai and then played on the show! I was wondering if you wanted to make a segment for the radio station-it would be an honor! Currently, the station only has music playing, and hasn’t ever had a segment. I really appreciate all you’ve done for replit (like, uh, i don’t know, creating it?!?! ;)! If you want to, just send me an email with the script, or if you want to read it, send the file to me at! Thanks again, and, also, if you know anyone that might want to do it, tell me who they are and I will ask them! Thanks again Amjad! -Grey41 :) P.S. The station is at Thanks again!