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re: I'm serious. For example: <img srcset="rufy1.jpg 850w, rufy2.jpg 900w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 680px, (max-width: 2900px) 799px" ...

You're not matching the size of the srcset with the max-width you want in sizes. In your code to show rufy1 the viewport should be at least 850w, otherwise the browser will follow the second rule.

With your srcsetyou want rufy1 when the viewport has a max width of 600px and rufy2 when the viewpoert has a max width of 2900px. In order to accomplish it:

  <img srcset=" 850w, 900w"
       sizes="(max-width: 850px) 680px, (max-width: 900px) 799px"
       alt="One Piece">

Basically, the value (not the image, the number) from srcset will be yout rule to the media-query.

With your rules for max-width the first image would have a width: 680px and the second one a max-width: 799px. rufy2is being shown because 1200px is higher than the first rule max-width: 600px.

If you want a fallback image in case none of the rules are met, you can use this new approach:

  <source media="(max-width:600px)" srcset=";text=rufy1">
  <source media="(min-width: 1000px)" srcset=";text=rufy2">
  <img src=";text=rufyFallback" alt="Fallback value">

With this syntax you are specifying each source to a rule, notice the media and srcset attributes inside each <source>, and in case none of the rules apply, it falls back to the <img>

Here's an example

Ok, but the width of the slot when the viewport is 1200px is written to be 799px, and 850w is closer to 799px than 900w, so I think that rufy1.jpg should be shown. I wasn't able to understand, Tiago. Sorry, but can you help me with one more snippet?

  <img srcset="rufy.jpg 850w, zoro.jpg 910w, jinbe.png 1100w"
       sizes="(min-width: 1100px) 1100px, (min-width: 910px) 910px, (min-width: 850px) 850px"
       alt="One Piece">

Why is jinbe.png always shown when I resize the browser window?

What is the expected output in this example? It seems like you're struggling with CSS and precedence.

It sounds trivial but that is what CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is, I can't stress enough to read about it.
With these rules you're saying:

When the browser is 1100px or wider, use jimble.png
When the browser is 910px or wider, use zoro.png
When the browser is 850px or wider, use rufy.png

Confusing, isn't? I'd recommend read an article on responsive design, as you can see it can become a pain.

In any case, I copied and paste your code into a pen just changing to dummy images and it seems to be working? Can you try it?

Let's review the queries:

When the browser is 1100px or wider, use jimble.png

Here's the browser at 1200px

When the browser is 910px or wider, use zoro.png

Here's at 1000px

When the browser is 850px or wider, use rufy.png

Finally at 900px

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