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Discussion on: As a programmer, how do you keep yourself healthy? Tips | Apps | Tools

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Perry Grewal

Stay off the carbs, keep your sugar low. No need to spike your insulin while sitting all day.

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Michael Fasani

I think this is so true, a huge change in human lifestyle... less active jobs and foods with much higher sugar content. I actually fast quite often now and just eat at the end of the day... feels great to not have that after lunch crash.

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Tharun Shiv Author

Well said. In the Yogic systems, it is recommended to eat only when hungry. So even twice a day or atleast an 8 hour gap between meals is the best schedule.

I personally eat only twice a day, mostly at 11am and 7pm.
It's been years since I took in white sugar, milk or aereated drinks.

Most of the foods ( the popular ones too ) are all unhealthy. Even that brands that we tend to trust, are unhealthy ( refer to the ingredients before consuming )