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Hi Yafkari,

Thanks for this. I think a great point you raise in particular is learning a new skill like a language can often be overshadowed by the tool. A great example of this is Git, I encounter a lot of people who only know Git via a UI tool.

This is fine at first, but as soon as they hit a problem the most common response they get is to switch to the terminal to figure out what is going on. This often leaves them in a place where they hit a wall and now have to learn Git from the terminal before they can start working on the actual problem they are trying to understand.

IDEs are great for getting things done and improving productivity, but I feel that is only beneficial once you have a grasp of the power you are taming with the tool.


Well I think for most CLI tools it is often mire productive, if you use them once you're used to them.

One of the main reasons: You only can handle a tool, if you use it often.

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