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re: nice post! for the multiple cursor look here github.com/terryma/vim-multiple-cu... but I actually never used it.

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, this one does not work like the JetBrains one. You can only select a whole word and find for next occurrences. In JetBrains products you can select an arbitrary amount of chars and then find the next occurrences. So when you want to select a few words that have the same prefix or suffix, you can't use this vim plugin.


Oh sorry, I installed it when I had your same feeling, but after a while I stop using it in favour of regex search/substitution or rectangular selection with .

Take a look to medium.com/@schtoeffel/you-don-t-n..., some interesting ideas there.

Good luck !

Thanks for the link, I already had it in my last sentence ;)

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