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This is a Twitter thread where Nat is taking guesses:

This seems like a pretty good guess...


That guess is interesting because VS Online has existed for a while but it’s (IMO) extremely viable now that the Remote Development extension for VS Code exists and you could theoretically use that to work on any kind of machine from VS Online.


That would be awesome!


gitpod.io/ does that already. Also for Pull-Requests.

It's actually configured on github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to :-D
see github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to#...



I'm a big fan of what GitPod is doing. If I were you all I'd definitely be a bit concerned that being first to market isn't a big advantage when going up against Microsoft.

But then again, it's probably also a good thing to be in a space that's generally getting more players, because people are always going to have differing needs. I think the other stuff you all are doing with Theia is pretty cool. (Though I'm not quite sure how the various projects/companies co-exist so I might be thinking about it the wrong way)

Anyway, my DEV Connect inbox is open or ben@dev.to if you'd ever want to chat more about all that stuff. I just think it's really neat and there is probably more collaboration we might be able to do.

(Since this is an open comment, we're pretty much always open to interesting collabs with neat tooling πŸ˜„)


If it were something like this I think the value would be tightly coupled integration with GitHub.com rather than a standalone service πŸ€”

I think they will share more news and insights about GitHub actions and roll them out of beta

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