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Discussion on: Everything you need to know about Docker Swarm

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Pete King

Docker Swarm was awesome, unfortunately, the container wars sorted that out fairly quickly in the end; well a few years.

Anyway, Kubernetes won as we should all know by now, and I have good knowledge of K8 from running from dev to production workloads - it is great! However, be warned, initial learning curve is high, the initial overall investment is high in all conceivable areas. When you're all done though, the speed at which engineers can go from dev to production is immense.

Docker Swarm was sold off to Mirantis with the Docker Enterprise business, they've kept it going, but even Mirantis has said, it's all essentially dead; swam mode is baked into Docker, so that's still there.

The way I like to put it is, "Kubernetes is a swiss army knife, it can do practically anything, whereas Docker Swarm is was a good knife, and it does did it well."

The best thing so far I've heard of to replace the Docker Swarm knife is Hashicorp Nomad - it's starting to look like a good knife.