Discussion on: Describe the worst coding culture you've been a part of

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Pert Soomann

I'd say worse for developers is when project is sold to a client and scope agreed without any tech oversight.

Something like, we've sold the project for X, and your daily internal cost is Y, so you get X/Y days to deliver Z.

Or even worse, we've spent Q days already on changing design with client, which wasn't really measured or limited in any way, so now you have Q less days to actually develop it.

True story.

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Jakob Christensen

Been there, done that.

Years back I worked for a "dotcom" company who insisted on using fixed price contracts. After all the so-called management consultants had done their work on a project (although no one could really tell what they were doing), all the budgeted money had been spent and the actual development had to be done for zero money.

Then everybody would yell at the developers for going over budget.

I used to call it RBD (Residual Budget Development).

One night our director of development sent an email complaining that we were not billing enough to the clients. At that time I was billing 100 % and we were working until 3am each day (with no compensation).

I quit a month later (I actually left pure coding jobs forever and went back to the actuarial stuff).