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Gosh. I would pick php at any time of day. Node.js isn't made for large projects...
Who think php is trash and insecure are just stupid and never learned how to work with php or any other server side lang.
Good luck with js back end.lol.
I cant read this comment section...


Nodejs isn't made for large projects? Who are you kidding?
You just sound like my college who's afraid to learn something new because it goes beyond your area of expertise.
There's a reason mostly every company moves from PHP to Nodejs or .NET.
TS + Node is far superior than PHP.


Btw I have basics with node.js socket.io and Iam quite good at net. I wrote realtime pos system on it, but I would not use node where I dont need(I mean execute exit process software).


Thank you very much for highlighting this

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