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dperf 1.5.0 is released, supporting testing the performance of cloud NICs

dperf-1.5.0 release, support testing public cloud NIC performance testing

On March 10, 2023, dperf released a new version v1.5.0. dperf is an open source network performance and stress testing software with the following advantages:

  • Powerful performance, a test pressure of up to 100Gbps can be generated with an ordinary physical server;
  • Detailed statistics of results;
  • Suitable for various network performance test scenarios.

New features:

  • Support UDP elephant flow, single flow exceeds 1M PPS, suitable for testing the performance of public cloud network cards;
  • client_hop: Support client source IP, source port synchronous change;
  • Support network card: Mellanox MT27500 [ConnectX-3].

New documentation:

Update features:

  • Red for erroneous stats.

Bug fixes:

  • RSS is not supported for unidirectional streams;
  • Branch prediction optimization;
  • Configuration file address conflict check;
  • Document update payload_size description

The new features of this version are mainly driven by the needs of the dperf open source community, and are completed by community partners. Special thanks (in alphabetical order): CHRIS123540, digger-yu, hgkiller, panzhengyu, sheva7777, SdotChen, ywc689 .

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