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I totally agree. But if it would only stop at "manager" or (at java, for that matter)...

In fact, I often fail to see the need of "[ClassName]Manager" in the first place - just manage "[ClassName]" inside "[ClassName]" and be done with it!

One of my personal favorite comment on StackOverflow is this - As a response to one of the answers on this question:

A long time ago I have read an article (I believe a blog entry) which put me on the "right" track on naming objects: Be very very scrupulous about naming things in your program.

For example if my application was (as a typical business app) handling users, companies and addresses…


However, I like the Manager Suffix that we use in Java / Jakarta EE projects with BCE pattern near the Rest Resources.
e.g. blogpost.boundry.BlogPostResource, blogpost.boundry.BlogPostManager then a POJO / an entity named blogpost.entity.BlogPost I learned it from AdamBien :)

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