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Discussion on: Fresh – Is this new Javascript framework the Node-killer?

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peerreynders • Edited on

Look, I hope that Deno will eventually take over in the long run largely because they are aiming to unify the Web API between client and server.

But lets be realistic.

React in the client side rendering space makes it clear that the incumbent technology is very difficult to displace despite shortcomings and availability of better alternatives (at least from a technical perspective).

Typically a technology has to be obviously 10x better than the incumbent technology for a rapid migration to be triggered, something like 2.5x better just isn't good enough for most people to switch.

Deno has some chance to survive because of its adoption as an edge side processing environment but it remains to be seen how relevant that will be to the web as a whole over the long term.

What React is on the client side, Node is on the server side.

And as it, is most people don't care enough about "lightweight" on the client side yet; so most of them aren't even considering being lightweight on the server/edge side.