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Discussion on: Elixir, First Impressions

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My information is about two years out of date but I figured I share with you what I found beneficial while I was learning Elixir/Erlang and I have observed during my time as forum moderator.

I'm pleased to see that in this year's stack overflow 2022 survey Phoenix is the most loved web framework; I suspect this has a lot to do with LiveView which was introduced in 2018. In my judgement the Erlang VM gives LiveView a big technical advantage over the later competitors Laravel Livewire and Rails Hotwire - but those have larger communities and ecosystems.

But this style of web application (server based SPA) is subject to some very specific constraints in the wider range of all possible web application styles.

Though Phoenix is also a great platform for API servers and "regular" server routed websites with EEx templates but competition in that space is even fiercer.

Elixir and Erlang in my view are undervalued especially given that the Erlang VM is a lot more prevalent than people realize.

"60% of the world mobile traffic is going through Erlang" (24m48s)

That said the mainstream inclination is to go the K8s, Docker, Go-lang route.

What is easier to scale, Go with Docker and Kubernetes or Erlang / Elixir + OTP?

If you have any more questions why not ask them here?

Though for more up to date information I'd just sign up at and ask away there. The community has always been very welcoming. And many members are on slack as well.